Treasure Pools is constantly setting the bar higher and higher while technology continues to advance. Brett Holland, of Treasure Pools recently shared his insights on 3D pool designs and what that means for clients. As stated, 65% of people are visual learners. This makes the approach to 3D pool design very powerful. The capability of these designs truly give homeowners a true sense as to what their final product and outdoor living environment will look like at just the click of a button.

Brett states that there is also a huge competitive advantage here. This programming allows for the client to feel apart of the entire design process and ensures their input is heard throughout. Brett and his team not only encourage the client to get involved, but also share how imperative it is for the salesperson to ask the right questions so that they truly get a feel for what each client is looking for and can offer the proper recommendations based off that.

Brett is currently applying Pool Studio from Structure Studios for his 3D capability offerings. The various stages include house, pool, spa, wall/fence, terrain, steps/benches, planters and custom shapes. Each stage has their own parameters where you can fully customize the project at hand. To learn more, read here for Brett’s recent article in Florida Pool Pro and don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with Brett to learn more!


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