As a homeowner, this may be a topic that you are curious about. The answer is not so simple, but here we share our recommendations. At Treasure Pools, we highly advise against simply remodeling a fiberglass pool to gunite. It’s just not that easy and here is why. By adding in all that weight to a pool (the gunite, all the water, etc.), some serious structural damage can occur – whether it’s immediate or down the road. This happens when you put gunite over a fiberglass shell as there is simply not enough support. The good news is, is that the removal process is not that expensive and relatively easy. Most importantly, this change will definitely save you money in the long run as you can possibly avoid some serious damage to your entire backyard area.

The time frame for this is the same as a traditional new construction and runs roughly 8 weeks. By removing the old shell, you are ensuring that you have the support you need for your swimming pool now and in the future by compacting in new dirt and structural support. Some companies will remodel the fiberglass, but again we cannot steer you away from this more! The good thing is that if you are also contemplating some other changes, now may be your time. Make sure to contact one of our pool experts to learn more about this option and if it is the right fit for you.

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