When it comes to updating your swimming pool, there are tons of possibilities for homeowners. Changing your system from chlorine to saltwater is definitely something that many homeowners are taking into consideration these days. Updating your system is a simple task that can be done in one day. According to Craig Cohen, owner of Treasure Pools, 95% of new pool owners are going with this salt sanitizing system and he has seen a significant rise in current homeowners making this change to their swimming pools. This trend started about 5 years ago and is not going anywhere. All-in-all, the best salt water pools are designed to be a safer and healthier option for homeowners right now. Just like many things, as technology advances, so will the salt water system.

What are some benefits of this update? In general, salt water pools are easier to manage once you learn the system. The best attribute of these sort of pools is that they do not support algae. Therefore, this means that there is less time spent cleaning or dealing with typical algae-related problems. This system allows the salt in the water to turn into chlorine, minus the taste and odor, at a lower cost.The chlorine produced by a salt water system has very positive ph. That reduces eye and skin irritation. There is some confusion with whether or not the swimming pool is actually turned into a salt water pool. The answer is that all swimming pools are freshwater and the sanitizing system is what actually changes the water. There is a rarity that if your house is on the ocean and you can directly take the water from the ocean to your pool, then you can have an actual ‘salt water pool’. However, a lot of people have the misconception that by having a saltwater system that your pool is salt water and that is not the case.

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Salt Water Pool System