Treasure Pools and Services, Inc. specializes in swimming pool resurfacing. Our company has proven expertise in all aspects of pool remodeling from small, private backyard pools to large community and commercial installations. Whether you want to repair, rebuild, add a spa, update your deck, upgrade your equipment or simply recoat with one of our superior refinishing processes, we do it all! There are numerous options when it comes to remodeling and it really depends on what exactly you are looking for. Adding a new spa or hot tub is one route that many homeowners like to go and it is definitely something they do not regret!

Additionally, some renovations to your backyard area to consider with Treasure Pools are design modifications, pool resurfacing, pool deck and coping update, adding a spa, fountain, sun deck waterfall or fountain, updating your pool lighting or pool furniture. Treasure Pools designs and installs new pool decks, hot tubs and spas. If you are looking for the more technological approach, hen installing a new heat pump, salt system or automation may be the way to go. All-in-all, most clients remodel their swimming pools every ten to fifteen years, depending on whatever new technology may come out. With the newer systems such as the salt generators, remodeling does not have to happen as frequently.

If you are wanting to go the green route, an Ozonator has been a hot item for 2017. Ozone reduces chloro-organic byproducts and can replace chlorine in a swimming pool. It is the single healthiest and most eco-friendly choice for use in municipal, commercial or private pools.

There are many ways to remodel your swimming pool and backyard area. The best part is that Treasure Pools will help you identify options that are within your budget and help to integrate any number of designs and accessories effectively. Here’s a photo of a recently remodeled pool. Set up an appointment with one of our sales representatives today to learn more!

Boynton Beach Pool Remodel