Many of our loved ones in south Florida were recently affected by Hurricane Irma. During this time of recovery, we want to reinforce that Treasure Pools is a family and we are here to support those in this time of need. As a homeowner, this can be an even more stressful time. The last thing we want you to worry about is your swimming pool. Here are a few tips from our Treasure Pools family.

  1. We always tell our clients to never empty your pool before a storm. If you did empty the water too much, it gives the pool can pop out of the ground – which ultimately is the biggest issue you can have with your swimming pool after a storm. Keep an eye on the pool’s water level, but never empty it too much. As we continue through hurricane season, please keep this rule top-of-mind for future storms to come. If this is an issue to your currently, we urge you to call your swimming pool provider immediately to come up with the best solution.


  1. We also always urge homeowners to cut extra branches, put in pool tools or outdoor furniture prior to a storm coming your way to limit the amount of debris. However, this is going to be inevitable. Before you begin swimming again, make sure all the debris is removed from your pool and the chemicals are balanced. Give it a few days to get things back to normal.


  1. Keep all electrical power to the pool shut off until the storm has finally passed and your pool is back up and running. Once you are sure the storm has passed and you have cleaned your pool and removed any debris, you can continue the electrical support as normal.


  1. Safety is our number 1 priority. Make sure your backyard conditions are back to normal before returning swimming. Loose electrical wires or any other circumstances as a result of the storm can be life threatening.

As a local South Florida company, Treasure Pools & Services does not take hurricane season lightly. We urge families to take all precautions during hurricane season. If you should have any questions about what techniques are best or how to properly restore your swimming pool, then feel free to give Craig Cohen at Treasure Pools today!