Fall is here! In South Florida, we do not get to truly experience the seasons as other states do, but we still take love our ‘winter’ and hope for those nights of 70 degrees. This fall is a great time to make any changes or additions to your swimming pool so that come summer, you have the dream pool that you have always waited for! Treasure Pools can make additions as little or big as you’d like them. Here we review some ways to spruce up your swimming pool for those ‘hot months’ com in next year.

One way to enhance your pool, deck and landscaping is with high quality lighting helping achieve the atmosphere you want you and your guests to enjoy. A well-designed and professionally installed outdoor lighting system will complete your professionally built pool and backyard. Another route is LED pool lights, which have become a mainstay of the market. They are versatile, yet still allow you to update the design of your pool in a costly manner. These lights give you the ability to increase the style of your swimming pool while adding something that is highly functional. Guests can now enjoy swimming at night in a safer, more visible environment. Adding some extra lighting features can serve as a ‘quick-fix’ and something that you can enjoy throughout the year.

For a more in-depth renovation, one option that homeowners can explore is with mosaic tiles. Treasure Pools works with several vendors to complete the finish process include Custom Mosaics. Custom Mosaics is the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality porcelain and ceramic tiles and high performance Aqua Decals. These mosaics are fun and completely customizable. Turn your pool into art!

These are just a few options on different features that you can add to your swimming pool, so make sure to come by the Treasure Pools showroom today to learn more about what is right for you. The possibilities are endless and our team is here to help!