Your swimming pool pump is a very important component to your swimming pool. The pump ensures that your swimming pool is running efficiently and properly. When it comes to a pump, there are several things to remember such as keeping it out of the sun, making sure that you clean your pump often and keeping the water level maintained to make sure that the pump runs correctly. Additionally, how many hours a day you run your pump is another question. Here we will address this in hopes to help you keep your swimming pool running perfectly all year-round.

The first thing to consider is the size of your swimming pool. Depending on how big your pool is (and how many gallons of water it holds) will determine how many hours a day you run your pump for. Typically, Treasure Pools and Services suggests 6-9 hours a day; six hours for the smaller ones and nine for the larger. This number is calculated from the fact that it generally takes 3-4 hours, no matter what size your pool is, to circulate the water completely through your swimming pool and you want to make sure you do this two times a day. This is the rule of thumb for residential pools. For commercial pools, it is the law to have your swimming pool pump run 24 hours a day.

There are also different pumps that you can have. The variable speed pool pump is the most popular and efficient pump that you can get. The variable speed pool pump is used to run multiple water features through various speeds whereas the two-speed is only used to run your water features on high-speed (therefore, homeowners will not save as much here). Craig Cohen of Treasure Pools and Services, Inc. let’s his customers know that you may be spending a little bit more out of pocket now, but when you look at your electricity bill at the end of the year, you will actually be saving money! To learn more about swimming pool pumps, stop by our showroom today!


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