In South Florida, we typically use our swimming pool year-round and while that is a common theme among homeowners, it’s not always so common to implement new ways to save money on your utility bill because of your pool. Lucky you, here we discuss some alternative methods to enjoy your swimming pool and save money.

Going green is not only a way to help you save money, but also the environment. Homeowners can use solar panels to help heat their pools. Clean energy from the sun can heat your pool very effectively. The U.S. Department of Energy states that solar heaters are cost-effective and easy to add to an existing pool. Solar pool heating utilizes the sun to warm the water that is pumped through a filter into an energy collector and then returned to the pool.

Other options include simply purchasing a swimming pool cover which allows your swimming pool to store the heat that is already in there. Sometimes, homeowners may not want to deal with this due to the labor that goes into removing the cover. However, if you see this being an issue you will benefit by buying a cover that you can work with easily so that you will use it consistently.

Additionally, if these aren’t the right methods for you, we recommend trying a variable speed pump. This pump runs more efficiently by using less energy compared to your traditional one-speed pump. Many owners of these newer variable-speed pool pumps are not only enjoying the cut down in costs, but also in noise as they seem to be a lot more quiet!

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