Majority of homeowners in South Florida have a swimming pool in their backyard or have a family member or friend with a swimming pool in their yard. As spring break is upon us, we think that is is very important to share some of our top swimming pool safety tips for residential pool homeowners and families. Spring break is an enjoyable time where everyone is typically able to let loose and relax, unless you are not prepared with some basic swimming safety tips. A lot of organizations are now teaching families about swim safety so find out what educational programs are in your community.

It is important to teach your children the basic water safety tips. Drownings are a preventable cause of death and injury for children. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that you create a pool safety toolkit to have near your pool or spa at all times to ensure that if the worst happens, you are ready to respond. This could be the difference in saving someone you love life. What should go in the toolkit? 1. a first aid kit 2. a pair of scissors 3. a charged portable telephone to call 911 4. a flotation device. These are the basics, but you can alter and add as many items as you would like. Alert all the adults where this kit is in case of any emergency.

Most importantly, there should always be an alert adult in the area. This adult is responsible for the children and even other adults that are enjoying the pool. Adults should keep children away from the pool drains, pipes and other entrapments. It is very important that all children near and in the swimming pool have learned how to swim properly. Most children can start taking swimming lessons around age 4. Check with you local swimming pool provider or pediatrician for more information.

Stay safe and enjoy your spring break!