The month of May is National Water Safety Month and at Treasure Pools, we like to be sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable environment. Our company is sure to instill the proper safety techniques amongst each homeowner before your backyard oasis is complete. Additionally, Treasure Pools is sure to keep all products completely up to date and aligned with the latest updates in safety. Here we share some safety tips to ensure you and your loved ones are always able to enjoy your swimming pool. As we say, it is always better to be prepared than not.

  • Teach children water safety and swimming skills as early as possible. They are more likely to pick it up quicker and not develop fears of the water. in South Florida, this is more important as we are constantly surrounded by various bodies of water.
  • Make sure that all babysitters or adult supervisors are well versed on water safety.
  • Appoint a designated person that monitors children swimming during social gatherings.
  • Equip the doors and windows that exit to a pool area with alarms, especially if you have younger children.
  • Post CPR instructions close by and learn the procedures. Also, ensure a first aid kit is near.
  • Make sure all fencing, drainage, etc. are in line with the building requirements and are installed properly.

These are just a few of our tips, but if you should have additional questions, someone from the Treasure Pools family is just a phone call away to answer any additional questions. Safe swimming!


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