As summer quickly approaches, it is important to always keep your swimming pool area safe at all times. May is National Water Safety Month and here we share some of our tips to help maintain your swimming pool area and keep your family, friends and children safe all year-round.

First off, CPSC recommends that you create a pool safety toolkit to have near your pool or spa at all times to ensure that if the worst happens, you are ready to respond. This could be the difference in saving someone’s life. What should you have in this pool safety toolkit? 1. A first aid kit 2. A pair of scissors 3. A charged portable telephone to call 911 4. A flotation device. These are the basics, but you can alter and add as many items as you would like.

Adding pool lighting will extend those hours of fun and make swimming at night even more enjoyable! It also offers a higher level of safety for all guests enjoying the swimming pool during those later hours. Now, homeowners can choose between LED lights, solar pool lights and even floating lights (for a more non-permanent touch).

Additionally, never allow children to swim alone without any adult supervision. It is quite common to develop a cramp underwater, or for accidents like hitting your head while diving for example, to occur. It is paramount that there should be people around to help if such a situation occurs.

Lastly, enclose your pool with high fences, which can be locked. Do not leave the pool open and accessible since children can fall inside. Keep your pool safe, and keep your kids away from the poolside. Law now requires that new residential swimming pools have at least one of the following: an enclosure, pool safety cover, exit alarms on doors, or self-closing, self-latching devices on entries to the pool.

These are just a few of our safety tips, but you can never be too safe! Give us a call today to learn more about the various safety precautions that you can take at your home.

Swimming Pool with Safety Fence