Pool fences are primarily used for those homeowners that have children or pets as an extra safety parameter. Having these barriers between the water and children is a great place to start. Fences are an easy way to do so and Treasure Pools can include this right into your building process, or add in after your job is completed. When building a fence, you want to ensure that this is done by a professional so that the fence and locking mechanisms are top quality. There are a few things you can look at as a homeowner such as the space that a child could potentially fit through or how tall the fence is. If the pool backs up directly to the house, you want to make sure that there are always child-proof locks on any entrance; doors and windows. If you are nervous about your young children, you can also install a pool cover or net, which in some cases these nets can be designed to hold the weight of a child. If you are not sure on whether your fences or covers are qualified to protect your children, you can call our a local home hazard prevention specialist to ensure that everything meets their guidelines.

Most importantly, there should always be an alert adult in the area when children are kkk. Nothing can replace the care of another person present. This adult is responsible for the children and even other adults that are enjoying the pool. Adults should keep children away from the pool drains, pipes and other entrapments. It is very important that all children near and in the swimming pool have learned how to swim properly. Most children can start taking swimming lessons around age four. Check with you local swimming pool provider or pediatrician for more information about swimming lessons.

Lastly, there are some individuals who purely want a fence simply as part of their design. These options can range from a removable mesh, glass panel to vertical bar fencing. If you are not sure what may be the best option for you, Treasure Pools recommends letting our team complete a 3D drawing for you to see what shape and size best suits your backyard.