As we head into 2017 full force, we realize that not much has changed with swimming pool construction. Many homeowners are making upgrades or changes to their already existing pools, which ultimately results in a completely new look or feel to your backyard. Whether it be adding a spa, changing your deck or incorporating an outdoor kitchen, there are several ways we see new visions come to life.

In terms of construction, we notice that the spillover spas and pools are making their way to the most popular list. These poolside installations typically feature the sounds and ambiance of cascading water. This option is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your backyard.

Ozonator’s are another hot item for 2017. Ozone reduces chloro-organic byproducts and can replace chlorine in a swimming pool. It is the single healthiest and most eco-friendly choice for use in municipal, commercial or private pools.

Lastly, controlling your swimming pool through various technology and electronics are still continuously growing. Electronics are not only used to enhance your swimming pool, but are also able to control functions from anywhere in your home. You can do this through various apps or programs on your iPhone, iPad, any custom-made platform, etc.

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