In South Florida we are lucky enough to not have to constantly warm our swimming pools, but there are those times where the water can get a bit chilly! For those moments, we have a few heating solutions depending on your needs.

A gas heater has historically been the most commonly used pool heater in homes. However, as technology and the way homes are built begin to change, so does this. In order to support a gas swimming pool heater, the home must have access to gas or a direct gas line. These units are very high powered and can give you the most heat output.

Another option for homes is an electric heater. These are currently the most commonly used. They are not as powerful as the gas heaters, but do work well. Due to them not being as powerful, they are typically used for spas or hot tubs.

The newest addition to the bunch is an A/C heater. These are a more popular option for South Florida homeowners as they can additionally cool the water in the summer when temperatures can reach upwards of 100 degrees! With this heater, you will get the best of both worlds.

For those homeowners that are keeping on the eco-friendly site of things, you can heat up your swimming pool with a solar heating system! With this system, your pool is able to jump up a good 10 to 12 degrees in difference of water temperature. Naturally, when the sun goes down the heating system shuts off. However, the best part about this is that there is no continuous electric or energy bill to go along with this heating system. Clean energy from the sun can heat your pool very effectively.

As you can see, there are tons of possibilities. Make sure to contact your trusted pool provider to learn what option may be best for you and your swimming pool. Don’t hesitate to stop by Treasure Pools showroom today to learn more.