After being in business for almost 30 years, Treasure Pools and Services Inc. knows a thing or two about constructing the perfect swimming pool. There are many ways to get your dream pool, but there is only one right way. Craig Cohen guides and leads his customers so that they receive the most accurate information when it comes to a new pool construction timeline. Here we review the three phases of building a poo that Treasure Pools follows.

First, once the contract is signed, the contractor must go to maintain the appropriate permits. Once these are obtained, the digging can begin! As a homeowner, you will have various decisions to make prior to this groundbreaking. You must decide on the shape and size of your pool, along with all the aesthetic components to designing your dream swimming pool.

Next, they must frame out the pool with steel and get the first round of inspections complete. After all this is approved, they will shoot the pool with a 6-inch layer of gunite, giving you the main mold of your swimming pool. After this is completed, the plumbing will be laid out and once again, more inspections will take place. After these steps are completed, a backfill is done and everything is then leveled with the ground.

Lastly, as a part of the swimming pool, the marble or brick copan is laid along with the tile around the pool. This is all based of of your personal preference. But of course, don’t forget the patio! Finally, your pavers, marble or whatever other material you’d like is used to complete your patio and deck.

It is important to then make sure your equipment is properly hooked up. An electrician then comes on site to finish the job and do a final round of inspections. Once everything is completed and all inspections are approved, the contractor will plaster the swimming pool and fill it up with water. Now time to start swimming!

Treasure Pools offers a ‘Pay As You Go’ policy that consists of an initial small deposit to cover engineering and permits costs, then the construction begins. At the successful completion and inspection of each phase, payment is requested until the job is completed.

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Pool Construction Timeline