Waterproofing and a swimming pool may sound like a funny pair, but when it comes to your tile it is one of the most important factors to consider. Treasure Pools ensures that all waterproofing is included in your swimming pool job without any additional charges.

When you waterproof your tile, you are essentially doing so for a few reasons. First off, in between the tile is where very tiny, hairline cracks can occur. They are extremely hard to spot. Therefore, if you waterproof the tile during the installation process, you avoid leakage happening through the grout that is in between the tiles. The gunite is like a sponge and will absorb all the water through the tile. As long as you have the tile properly waterproofed, then you should have nothing to worry about! Waterproofing also works in there reverse effect. This means that it also works from the inside out and stops calcium from bleeding through your gunite, which can also be very harmful and cause several problems such as discoloration.

Another important thing to remember is that you must waterproof the tile on your steps as well. Some homeowners will only think this is applicable to the tile at the water line, but all steps or anywhere with tile such as a mosaic must be waterproofed to ensure there are no leaks. You do not need to waterproof the rest of the pool because they are typically done in a plaster finish such as diamond brite or pebble tec, which is already a waterproof product. The plaster finish ensures that the shell of your swimming pool is protected.

If you do not properly waterproof your tile, it is almost inevitable that that you will get a hairline crack and your water level will be affected. As previously mentioned, this is something that is extremely difficult to detect. Therefore, we highly recommend to take the proper precautions beforehand and ensure that your swimming pool provider is properly waterproofing all tile throughout your swimming pool.

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