Many additions are made after a swimming pool is already built or to an already existing one. One of the main additions that homeowners can make is by adding a spa.
When it comes to adding a spa, some may opt to add an attached above ground spa or hot tub, but there are quite a few benefits by adding an in-ground attached spa, especially during your new pool construction process. By adding an attached spa, it is connected to the existing pool’s water supply, filtration and heating system. This significantly reduces costs and help saves money in the long run. Another main advantage of an attached spa is the seamless design integration to your pool. A spa is a great focal point for your backyard and you can usually incorporate a spa by a spillover or a more naturalistic approach.

When considering to add a spa there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First off, budget. Craig Cohen, owner of Treasure Pools, does his best to be able to provide top quality products and service at an affordable price. He also has a wonderful pay-as-you-go option for qualified homeowners. This consists of any initial small deposit to cover engineering and permit costs, then the remodeling is divided into three phases. At the successful completion and inspection of each phase, payment isn’t requested until the job is completed. Secondly, is how much space you have in your backyard. Do you have enough space for a spa or will you incorporate it into your already-existing pool design? Treasure Pools will complete a 3D rendering of what the completed project will look like with any addition in your own backyard. This is completely customizable and helps to give you a true sense of what the final product will look like. Also, safety is still top-of-mind for spas and Treasure Pools is updated regularly with all of the new codes and regulations. It is important to continuously reference The Association of Pool & Spa Safety’s (APSP) safety checklist to stay up to date. Lastly, the addition of a spa or hot tub is really great for those nights that you just want to relax and unwind. They are also great at providing a more intimate setting.

For those that already have an existing pool, it is still just as easy to add a spa to your backyard. Call today, 800.281.7946,  to learn more about adding a spa to your backyard. You can also visit our website to checkout photos of new and remodeled pools.