When is it time to make a change? At Treasure Pools, we make changes all the time and with the start of summer quickly approaching, now may be the perfect time to make a change to your backyard. Our company does not just build or resurface your swimming pool, but we ensure that you have the ideal backyard sanctuary.

Treasure Pools prides ourselves on being able to enhance your pool, deck and landscaping with high quality lighting to achieve the atmosphere you want your guests to enjoy. A well-designed and professionally installed outdoor lighting system will complete your professionally built pool and backyard. Placing the landscape lighting in planted areas necessitates creating your swimming pool landscape planting design in conjunction with your lighting design. There are several options to choose from, and Treasure Pools guarantees to bring the best options to you!

Another option to enhance your outdoor area is with outdoor speaker packages. These are typically small satellite speakers that can be optimally placed for stereo imaging and enveloping sound. Some are designed to look like outdoor lighting fixtures, while others offer more traditional rectangular designs. To round out the sound, unobtrusive subwoofers complete the package by adding solid bass frequencies. You can also chose among other discrete designs, like faux rocks, tree stumps, planters and other landscape themes that let speakers blend into your outdoor décor. Simply connect outdoorspeakers to a wireless multi-room music system or a full-fledged custom multi-room A/V solution.

Lastly, one other way to transform your backyard into the ultimate entertaining hub is by adding an outdoor kitchen. This can be easily added during your design process or added to an already-existing swimming pool. Craig Cohen ensures top quality products with the best installation and creation process! Treasure Pools takes each project and creates a comfortable outdoor living environment to fit the character and personality of each customer and home environment. In South Florida, it is great to always be able to enjoy being outside and with your own outdoor kitchen you have the ability to entertain with cocktails, food and beverages poolside during a party or even just for a intimate family dinner.

Still not sure what is the best approach for your outdoor area? Call now – 800-281-7946 – to have a free consultation and learn about the plethora of options Treasure Pools can offer you.

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