As it is getting cooler all over that country, and South Florida begins to enjoy our few degrees drop in weather, there are some amazing outdoor living features that you may have not thought about that Treasure Pools is ready and able to add to your backyard area! These additions are sure to bring you and your loved ones close and keep you warm this holiday season.

One way to add the warmth to your backyard is by having a fire pit. A fire pit adds a romantic atmosphere to the pool area – you can appreciate the chill of the season while anticipating the fun your pool will offer in spring. Roast marshmallows, revisit lovely family memories, and make plans for fun family times in the very place in which great memories are made. This truly brings being home for the holidays to life and is a way to ensure that all guests feel at home and welcome. Another similar route is with an actual fireplace. A fireplace can be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen area and really make things come together. By having a fireplace, not only will it serve a purpose by keeping you and your love ones warm, but it also is very aesthetically pleasing. You can incorporate various design components. At Treasure Pools, we really take each project and make your own personality shine through.

Make sure to call today to get your free consultation and have your very own 3-D virtual drawing designed just for your home to see what the addition will look like before committing to the project!

Pool Deck with Firepit