Building a swimming pool is one of the most exciting times of your life, yet it requires a lot of attention during those preliminary phases. After you find a trusted swimming pool company, there are some questions that you may want to ask to ensure that you’re turning your vision for your ideal backyard sanctuary to a reality!

  1. What is your payment policy?

Our pay as you go financing option allows homeowners to build their swimming pool when they are ready. This was created simply to ease the swimming pool construction process as getting a loan through a bank has become more and more difficult. This policy consists of an initial small deposit to cover engineering and permits costs, then the construction is divided into three phases. At the successful completion and inspection of each phase, payment is requested until the job is completed.

  1. How long will it take for my pool to be complete?

You can your swimming pool completed in less than 60 days. This is perfect timing to have your pool completed in time for those hot summer days! It is important to note that this does not incorporate any outside influences such as weather delays.

  1. What type of permitting do I need?

When hiring your swimming pool contractor, it is important that you trust in them and their company completely as there are many components from the back-end that a homeowner must ensure are done correctly and legally so that there are no repercussions. One of these important things are swimming pool permits. When building a swimming pool, not only do you have permits from the state and city, but also your Home Owners Association (HOA). Our team  ensures that this process is easy and you fully understand all components to building our pool.

  1. What else can we do to enhance our swimming pool area?

Treasure Pools does not only specialize in swimming pool construction and remodeling, but also can help transform your backyard. Whether adding a spa, outdoor kitchen, some incredible landscaping or any other components, we are able to offer something for everyone. Make sure to swing by the showroom today to learn more.

  1. What are some additional benefits of owning a swimming pool?

Having a swimming pool is a great form of exercise. Most people dread the typical gym or simply don’t make time for it. Now homeowners can get a great work out right in their backyard in an extremely enjoyable and relaxing environment. This is good for all ages too. Also, important to note that in sunny South Florida, having a swimming pool is quite sought after and greatly increases your property value.

Treasure Pool Builders’ team of experts are ready to help you plan and build your swimming pool.  Contact us today to get started!


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