As we head into the ‘cooler’ months, it is now a great time to get your swimming pool built or updated to have your backyard ready to go for when those warmer months come back around. The process takes roughly 12-14 weeks (including permitting) and with Treasure Pools pay-as-you-go financing option, it is sure to not break the bank over the holidays. You pay for each step of pool construction after it’s completed to your full satisfaction, not before. And if we miss a deadline, we pay a penalty, which means a discount for you. We also have partnered with a highly reputable pool financing company so have multiple options to pay for your beautiful new swimming pool!

A swimming pool not only adds a desired asset to your house, but also offers endless memories to what you, your family and your loved ones can enjoy. The design of your swimming pool is completely up to you and there are so many different types of additions one can add to ensure your backyard becomes your own sanctuary. NOW has never been a better time. Call Brett Holland, general manager of Treasure Pools and Services Inc. and see how you can bring this dream to life.

We would have to argue that there is no better gift, than a new pool addition this holiday season!

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