At Treasure Pools, we break down the construction process into 5 phases and we have dedicate November to sharing these steps with you. This helps to identify the various steps to clients so that they understand what is happening and when. once the custom design is approved and contracts are signed, pending weather restrictions, Treasure Pools offers a 90 day completion timeline. Here we go into Phase 3 and 4. These phases combine majority of the actual construction.

First, they must strip form wood and back fill for plumbing. From there, they dig the plumbing trench and install the plumbing. After this is complete, the inspections are called for. Once approvals are given, they must water proof backfill plumbing and install the pool coping and tile. After these steps are competed, the second payment is due. Treasure Pools pay-as-you-go payment plan offers an affordable option for all clients.

After the main steps for the swimming pool are completed, phase 4 begins work on the yard. First step here is to prep the yard for the pool deck. There are several options for a pool deck so make sure to stop by the Treasure Pools showroom to find your ideal deck. Once you have your deck, they must install bond grid for deck bond inspection. When this is approved, they begin installing the pool deck. Not to worry, upon completion of the deck, Treasure Pools will ensure that your yard looks great! The final grading will be completed and the construction site will be ready for sprinklers and landscaping. Lastly, this is when your third payment is due.

Next week we wrap up our swimming pool construction phases so make sure to check back! Please remember that if you ever have any questions on this process or our payment plan, we are just a phone call away.


New Swimming Pool Construction