We have dedicated the month of November to reviewing the various phases of the swimming pool construction timeline. Last week, we discussed the initial phase 1 along with how you can get started creating your dream swimming pool.

The first steps in phase 2 are completing the set up and concrete structure. During this time, they must frame out the pool with steel and get the first round of inspections completed. After all this is approved, they will shoot the pool with a 6-inch layer of gunite, giving you the main mold of your swimming pool. After this is completed, the plumbing will be laid out and once again, more inspections will take place. After these steps are completed, a backfill is done and everything is then leveled with the ground.

Also, it’s important to note that not until this phase is the first payment due. Treasure Pools offers and incredible pay-as-you-go plan which offers an affordable option for all. As an extra incentive, Treasure Pools offers a ‘pool school 101’ for all clients. This gives the homeowners the opportunity to properly learn about all the equipment and how to maintain your pool properly. The program also includes 30 days of free chemicals to professionally balance out your pool and educate you on this component.

Give Treasure Pools a call today to learn more about phase 2 of the construction process!


New Swimming Pool Construction