Once you have begun the fifth phase of the swimming pool construction, you are on your way to having your dream swimming pool and backyard complete. Although the process may seem slightly lengthy and can vary in length due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, it is well worth the wait! “In an industry that bases success on the number of pools built per year,” says Craig Cohen, president of Treasure Pools, “I base my success on the satisfaction of each and every customer.” This proves true in all of his work and the satisfaction of his customers remains top priority.

The final steps include various stages of installation. During the fifth phase, the pool equipment and electrical are installed. Once these initial steps are completed, then Treasure Pools will call for the electrical and barrier inspection. Next up it is time to install the aggregate of the homeowner’s choice. This could be anything from Diamond Brite to Pebble Tec.

Once the final payment is received and all customer responsibilities are handled, Treasure Pools will ensure that all safety features are completed and make the call for final inspections. After all is approved, you are good to go and enjoy your swimming pool! Treasure Pools hires a chemical company that comes to your house for a free 30-day trial. He ensures that homeowners are properly equipped with all the right tools to maintain a perfect swimming pool. For any additional questions or to learn how Treasure Pools can get started on your dream swimming pool, stop by our showroom today.

And most importantly, don’t forget the last step…enjoy!