At Treasure Pools, we ensure that all your backyard needs are met! Our trusted team does this by being able to enhance your pool, deck and landscaping with high quality lighting to achieve the atmosphere you want your guests to enjoy. A well-designed and professionally installed outdoor lighting system will complete your professionally built pool and backyard. Placing the landscape lighting in planted areas necessitates creating your swimming pool landscape planting design in conjunction with your lighting design. There are several options to choose from, and Treasure Pools guarantees to bring the best options to you.

When it comes to properly lighting your swimming pool, you do not only want to be sure to choose the options that you like the best due to design or function, but also be sure that they are aligned with all of the codes and restrictions put into place by your city. Homeowners can choose between LED lights, solar pool lights and even floating lights (for a more non-permanent touch). If you are feeling a little more on the creative side, there are also many colors and shades that you can choose from. If you are an entertainer, the color lighting are great to change the ambiance of your entire backyard setting. Pool lights can be installed under water, around your pool’s perimeter or can be allowed to float on the surface of your pool.

When it comes to landscaping, living in South Florida allows for homeowners to get creative as homeowners and guests can enjoy the outdoors all year. Depending on your space, Treasure Pools can help customize your entire backyard area. We provide professional landscaping design and installation. In addition to building a new swimming pool or remodeling a pool, we can turn the rest of your property into your South Florida paradise by creating complete landscape packages. Come by our showroom today to learn more and see how some lighting and landscaping can change your whole outdoor experience.


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