Swimming is a great form of exercise for people at any age. It is low-impact, easy for people to do and especially good for your cardiovascular system! It is recommended for adults to get around 30 minutes of aerobic activity daily and swimming is one ‘cool’ way to do so. When you swim, your heart will beat faster, which will deliver more oxygen to various parts of your body. Regular exercise, such as swimming, can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, can prevent a heart attack, may lower your blood pressure and ultimately keep you in great shape!
Previously, we shared some of our favorite exercises from Fitness Magazine and here we revisit our top 3.


Targets: Arms, back, chest, abs, butt, and hamstrings

  • In the deep end, tread water, making small circles with cupped hands, and lift right leg straight in front of you at hip level while reaching toes of left leg toward bottom of pool. Hold for 5 seconds.
  • Switch legs quickly, bringing right leg down as you raise left leg, and hold for 5 seconds. Continue for 30 seconds, alternating sides.

Pike Scull

Targets: Abs, hips, and arms

  • Standing in shallow end of pool, simultaneously sit back into water, treading with hands by sides, and lift both legs together so that you fold at the hips (like a jackknife) and your body forms a wide V, with head and toes just above surface.
  • Maintaining V position, move cupped hands in small circles by hips to tread water and propel yourself forward (sculling) down length of poolfor 30 seconds.

Wave Maker

Targets: Back, abs, butt, and legs

  • Facing poo lwall in chest-deep water, hold on to edge of pool deck with left hand and place right palm, fingers pointing down, against wall just below water line for stability.
  • Extend legs behind you at water level with both feet and knees together, then kick like a dolphin: Initiate the motion with abs and hips and transfer it through thighs to knees and finally to feet. Kick as hard and as fast as you can for 30 seconds, trying to make the biggest waves possible.


Lastly, we always advise for you to not swim alone. Swim in pools or lakes that have a lifeguard present if possible, or bring along a friend to swim with you. Take a class in CPR and encourage your friends to do so as well, can never be too safe. If you are swimming in natural bodies of water, watch out for riptides and currents, and obey any posted signs. If you have any health concerns or heart problems, or if you take any prescription medications, talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Safe swimming!

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