Swimming pool exercises are a great way to stay in shape and stay cool in South Florida. Various water exercises can provide great cardiovascular benefits as well as strength training that is gentle on your joints and muscles due to the water’s buoyancy. Working out in your swimming pool causes less stress on your body and also results in less chance of injury. There are tons of great exercises that you can choose from and here we share some of our top picks to get you in shape for this upcoming spring!

Exercising with Buoys. Stand in chest-high water with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Hold one dumbbell between your legs with both hands. Bring your knees as far up as you can by jumping in the water. Hang onto to the dumbbell while jumping to work out your abdominal muscles. Do repetitions of 10 in sets of two or three and then rest.

Leg Lift. Stand in shoulder-deep water and hold onto the edge of the pool lightly for balance. Extend your right leg straight out to the side as far up as you can bring it. Only go as far as you can while keeping toes pointing toward the pool wall (don’t let your ankle turn) and keeping your hips straight toward the wall. Complete 8-10 times. Repeat on left leg.

Lateral Raises. Stand in shoulder-deep water with arms hanging straight down against your sides. Slowly extend both arms straight out to the sides all the way up to the water-level. Pause briefly and repeat.

Water Jogging. Can be done with the use of flotation devices where your feet don’t touch the ground or the traditional way of actually jogging in the water. If using a flotation device, run in place with your feet never touching the ground. If on the ground, try running 1-2 laps and then resting for 60 seconds. It’s more challenging in deep water and less in shallow water.

Swimming Pool Fitness

Swimming Pool Fitness

These are just a few of the different water workouts that you can do and make sure to visit www.swimmingpool.com for more!