When one goes through an injury, life can be tough and recovery can be even tougher. For those living in South Florida, we are lucky to have warm weather year-round and the ability to always jump in a pool. Swimming is a great way to help gain strength, mobility and flexibility after a major trauma to the body.

When it comes to injury, water provide a weightless environment that helps to relief pressure and strain, no matter how old. It always provides an environment for those injured athletes and individuals to stay fit during this difficult time. Depending on the injury, there are specific exercises you can do to target those areas.

Being able to enjoy a swimming pool can improve your quality of life in many ways. Swimming and other water-related activities are great ways to stay in physical shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Swimmers usually don’t experience the jarring impact and stress on their bodies that runners or tennis players suffer. And swimming is great exercise for all ages, from babies to seniors. Best part about water exercise is that the chances or re-injuring yourself are very unlikely. Make sure to contact your doctor or therapist to learn what options may be best for you.