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Set the evening atmosphere with mood lighting in and around your pool. You’ll want to stay out all night long.



Complete your backyard oasis with the perfect landscape. Our landscaping team provide the perfect finishing touches to any pool!


Why are Salt Water Pools Gaining Popularity?

Salt Water Pools continue to grow in popularity year over year. Have you ever considered switching over to one of these pool systems? If so, here we share how beneficial these systems can be in the long run. In general, saltwater pools are easier to manage once you...

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Have a Small Lot? Our Design Team Can Work With That!

There are many ways to accommodate a smaller backyard area. Treasure Pools specializes in customizable service that allows the ability to find something for every homeowner. Not only does that include a swimming pool, but also includes the ability to maximize space...

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Ultimate Pool Workouts!

Swimming is a great form of exercise for people at any age. It is low-impact, easy for people to do and especially good for your cardiovascular system! It is recommended for adults to get around 30 minutes of aerobic activity daily and swimming is one 'cool' way to do...

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Concrete Pool Decks – they don’t have to be boring!

When it comes to pool decks, there are tons of options that homeowners can explore. From various materials, to different forms of elevation to customized styles; there is surely something that will suit your needs. Prior to all of the new marbles and other decks that...

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Pool Deck Designs to Consider

Your pool deck and patio area are an essential part of your backyard landscape. This area typically defines how you spend your time outdoors and reflects a lot of your personal taste. The patio area is used for a variety of purposes such as where you host your guests,...

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